Departure       :  8:00 a.m., any day
Duration        :  Four days and three nights
Location        : Tambopata (Puerto Maldonado)
Season          :  All year round.


Explore the jungle of Tambopata on this 4 day expedition, to see its most attractive landscapes: The amazing macaw clay lick or “collpa” visited each morning by hundreds of macaws, parrots and perakeets, in the Bahuaja – Sonene National Park and the wonderful Lake Sandoval, in the Tambopata – Candamo Reserved Zone.

This program includes walks through the very heart of the reserved areas of the Tambopata-Candamo and Bahuaja-Sonene National parks.


For our guests who enjoy the jungle and adventure sports, we provide this excellent option. There, we’ll have the opportunity to see a great diversity of species of birds and mammals, as well as a wide variety of plants.

There will be a briefing on the night before departure.


Reception at Puerto Maldonado´s airport and transportation to the WASAI Maldonado Lodge, where you will be welcomed with a tropical fruit beverage.

First, we’ll embark on a 3 to 4h.30 motorboat trip, up the Tambopata River to the WASAI Tambopata Lodge & Research Center (box lunch en route included). During the trip, we’ll be able to observe the local farms, while groups of birds fly over the boat. We’ll also have opportunities to see families of capybaras; the largest rodents in the world. Arrival at the lodge, reception, accommodation and lunch.

After a short rest, we’ll have a brief introductory walk in the nearby forest, to learn about a few basic principles of ecology and hear wildlife natural stories. Return to the lodge for dinner.

After dinner we’ll make our first visit to the jungle, to observe the nocturnal life of insects, frogs of various colors and we´ll have an occasional encounter with nocturnal mammals.

Finally, we’ll enjoy the diverse sounds of the jungle, which will accompany our first night in the Amazon, as we’ll be comfortably sleeping in the lodge.


We’ll wake up at 4:00 a.m., for a one and a half hour motorized boat trip up the Tambopata River, to get to the Bahuaja-Sonene National Park. There, we’ll contemplate a magical sunrise and this is a great opportunity to see animals such as the capybara, tapir, jaguar and deer, by the river banks or in the surrounding virgin forest.

From a safe distance, we´ll observe one of the greatest spectacles of the rainforest: Hundreds of parrots, perakeets and macaws of various species, enjoying their diet of mineral salts, on a riverbank.

We’ll have a hot drink and a snack whilst watching birds and then, we’ll go for a short walk to look for other animals such as monkeys.

Later on, we’ll return to the lodge, to have a late breakfast and rest.

After lunch, we’ll enter the verdant jungle, on a special trail to observe wild life. We’ll then penetrate the territory of peccaries, deer and other animals, with the possibility of hearing them and see their tracks or to discover a band of monkeys traveling through the forest, in search of food. Time allowing, we’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing swim in the Cat’s Cascade.

After dinner, we´ll have the opportunity to take another trip by night through the jungle, in search for caimans or to relax in the lodge, surrounded by exotic nocturnal sounds.


After breakfast, we’ll go on a boat trip to the WASAI Maldonado Lodge, in Puerto Maldonado, where we’ll relax in the bungalows and enjoy a tasty lunch.

After lunch, we’ll leave the lodge and travel for twenty minutes on the Madre de Dios River, in order to access the trail to Lake Sandoval; a beautiful typical rainforest lake. It’s only a 5 km. hike to reach the banks of the lake. There, we’ll board a canoe, to paddle around the lake, enjoying the beauty of the landscape and observing wildlife: Kingfishers, herons, hoatzins (unique prehistoric looking birds), monkeys, etc.

If we are lucky, we might see the family of giant otters that lives by the lake. We’ll also have the opportunity to fish for piranhas and swim in the lake. Prepare yourself for a spectacular sunset!

Then, it´ll be time to start our return hike to the Madre de Dios River and go back to Puerto Maldonado. There, we’ll spend the night in the modern and comfortable bungalows of the WASAI Maldonado Lodge.

After dinner, we’ll be able to rest or go around the city on foot or bicycle. Otherwise, we´ll have the opportunity to enjoy the pool and its cascade surrounded by verdant vegetation.

The rest of the night, you are free to enjoy the night life of this welcoming city or to rest at the lodge.


Breakfast and transportation to the airport.


  • Specialized English / Spanish speaking guide
  • 03 nights at a lodge
  • All land and river transportation (Does not include airfares)
  • All meals
  • First aid kit.



  • Personal sleeping bag
  • Binoculars, camera and film ASA 200 and 400 for the inner forest
  • One pair of lightweight ankle height boots and sandals
  • Warm clothing, long sleeve shirts and long pants (cotton)
  • 100% waterproof rain gear (long poncho or rain wear)
  • Insect repellent (recommended with 50% Deet), sunscreen lotion
  • Flashlight, enough batteries (alkaline) and bulbs
  • Wide brim hat (for sunny days) and sunglasses
  • Towel, swimming suit, personal medicine and /or supplies
  • Day pack and one backpack or duffel bag of luggage per person
  • One bottle of water for the first day and plastic bags.